Drag-And-Drop Report Editor – Latest Google Adwords Feature

For Adwords, Google recently rolled out the Drag-And-Drop Report Editor option. In few months this functionality will be included into all the accounts. This change has quite positive reviews by people who prefer to work on Excel, but don’t want to pull data continuously while they’re making little changes to a report.

If you lack knowledge about the features of Excel, a pivot table is a robust way to prepare rows of data. When this new characteristic will be added into an account, Google will explain the user on how to make a report when you use Reports tab for the first time.

Here are three wonderful functions of this update that you should know:

  • Power To Modify Data Inputs Swiftly

It happens numerous times with many Excel users that they make a report in Excel and then see that the Entered Data isn’t the right solution for the issue. This means that every time you have to go back again and make a different set.

On every single occasion, you have to get the report in order to remake the pivot table. However, with this new functionality you can change date ranges, info, data inputs, etc swiftly than before.

  • Filter Features Will Make Your Task Easier

Quite frequently you wish to check out reports by viewing each layer at a given time, and then make a dive. The Filter function helps you to draw any given particular search phrases or ad groups specifics.

  • Graphs Will Help You To Do The Job Quickly

If you don’t place data into a good graph, value of data will not be considered much. However, with help of this functionality you can really do a pleasant job with only a few simple charts and basic graphs. This feature of the Report Editor enables you to check and analyse data or info immediately, also allowing you to transform it into a presentation which may even include email and schedule reports.

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