Top 5 Features Of Adwords Editor

Top 5 Features Of Adwords Editor

AdWords Editor is one of the most important toolkits for AdWords advertisers who wish control and optimize their campaigns more effectively.

  • You Get Speed

There will no limitations from your connections or bandwidth and you’ll be able to navigate in your account effortlessly because the complete account will be downloaded into an offline tool. With just some clicks, you can do substantial changes, edit and review before making anything live. If you’re an Adwords advertiser based in Lucknow, then this is the tool you need to download today!

  • Data/Statistics

There’s an option for Statistics available on AdWords Editor. It enables you to import statistics straight into AdWords Editor to be able to make changes without any need to go back to the main interface. You can categories your Impressions, Clicks, Conversions, Cost etc. to immediately check the keywords or ads that are performing well.

  • Effective Copy/Paste

Some of you might wonder that it can be a feature and Adwords already have it in the interface. However, it a lot better because of its ability to navigate easily & speedily throughout the account. Listed below are two situations where it comes handy.

  • Ad Extensions: If you have new site-links and want to add to quite a few campaigns then with help Adwords Editor you can copy them from one campaign to another effortlessly.
  • Negative Keywords: Managing negative keywords far less complicated than doing it on web interface.
  • Filtered Views

Using AdWords Editor you can sort ads, high impact keywords, etc. and can make changes all over the account immediately. Using the filters and research performance of AdWords Editor this can be done quite effectively.

  • You Can Make Bulk Uploads

When you wish to make new campaigns or add some new versions of ad copies, just make the sheet in Excel and upload it on Adwords Editor. You can upload many things at a single go at once by including campaign & ad group names.

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